The 2020 Coup

In the 2020 Coup, you will see the evidence of what happened during the 2020 election and what we can do about it. The 2020 Coup takes bits and pieces of evidence from across America and knits them together into the definitive work on how the election was stolen. Patrick Colbeck served as a certified Poll Challenger at the TCF Center in Detroit. He witnessed the fraud firsthand. He witnessed the late-night ballot drops, poll challenger lockouts, pizza boxes taped to windows, and voting equipment connected to the internet. He has been investigating the scale and significance of the fraud ever since. After reading The 2020 Coup, you'll be equipped with: a solid understanding of how elections are supposed to work, documented evidence of what actually happened, and a plan of action to thwart the efforts of those behind the coup. America is in an information war between coup activists who seek our fundamental transformation, and proud Americans who seek to preserve the blessings of our constitutional republic. This book breaks through the Big Tech and mainstream media information embargo to equip you with the truth they do not want you to hear.

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